Current Events 12-07-2016

Real Hacking is Boring, Tedious, and Time Consuming Mr. Robot Killed the Hollywood Hacker

Never Put Anything in Print or Picture You Don’t Want Everybody to See Sextortion: The U.S. military’s dirty little secret is a growing national security concern

Every Once In Awhile, We Have to Elect a New York Republican to Give Washington an Enema Virgil: TR, Trump, and the Power of the Unprecedented

Nuke the Site From Orbit. It’s The Only Way to Be Sure. ‘Gatvol’ residents want toilet snake dead

Current Events 12-02-2016

It’s All A Lot of Anti-American Propaganda The Myth of Racist America

And the real racists are the Democrats perpetuating the myth.

What’s Not to Love? Sorry Progressives, Millennials Love Capitalism

Government  Boondoggle GAO: ‘The miracle of the LCS didn’t happen’

The Military Industrial Complex is one of the greediest, most wasteful segments of the American economy we have. The military has to be both modernized and streamlined. Right now, it’s just one expensive, outdated weapon system with entrenched supporters after another, coupled with low bidding charlatans and their pointless new weapons systems that don’t work. And the average soldier gets the shaft.

Fake Wars Are For the Profit of the Military Industrial Complex, and Help Create Lots of Dead Americans Fake News And War Party Lies

There’s big money to be made from the blood of dead soldiers, and countless dead civilians in other countries.

Current Events 11-26-2016

This Is in No Way Suspicious <rolls eyes> The Mysterious Case Of Jill Stein’s Surging Recount Costs

George Soros is still trying to steal this election.

The Ministry of Truth Using fake news against opposing views

If They Attempt to Wrest Control of Information From the People, Then Their Dinosaur News Empires Will Fall Faster Than Hillary’s Campaign The War on ‘Fake News’

Conservative news sites, like Breitbart and ZeroHedge only became a thing because the MSM refuse, REFUSE, to report actual news. They won’t say anything or print anything that is damaging to their pet causes and pet candidates. They have been proven to be lying, cheating scoundrels who manipulate reality to deceive the public. If anybody is #FakeNews, it would be CNN/NBC/MSNBC/ABC/CBS and the AP, who are so in lockstep with each other, that it becomes apparent that they are reading talking points from a script. They are NOT journalists. They are apparatchik.

I Wanted to Burn Down the GOP. Trump Has Done Exactly That. Welcome to the Party of Trump; Why the GOP is now officially a Trump working class party.

Current Events 11-22-2016

Spoiled, Brainwashed, Hoodlums Watching the Snowflakes Melt

Where To Go After The Zombie Apocalypse Tesla powers an entire U.S. island with solar energy

They Live In Their Elitist Bubble And Never Come Out The Tsunami the Media Never Saw Coming; How can they be mainstream if they’re stuck in New York or Washington?

Current Events 11-18-2016

Groupthink Does Not Allow Dissent Your Filter Bubble is Destroying Democracy

The Liberal Death Cult is Guilty of Doublethink Dems Done In by the Politics of Hate

It’s easy to understand when you know the code. When Democrats say love or tolerance, they mean hate and intolerance towards those who do not agree with them. When they talk about “stop the hate”, they mean control, bully, and demean those who disagree, because their speech, their thought is “righteous”, and all those who disagree are “racists, misogynists, and homophobic”. When they talk about “equality”, then mean denying equality to those they deem to be less worthy of 1st amendment rights to speech and religion, and granting imaginary rights to ever smaller splinter groups they favor. They are a religion founded on hate and intolerance, and they are no longer deserving of any influence or power in this country.

Operation: Mindcrime

“Do you know where you are, Winston?” he said.
“I don’t know. I can guess. In the Ministry of Love.”…
“And why do you imagine that we bring people to this place?”
“To make them confess.”…
“No!” exclaimed O’Brien. His voice had changed extraordinarily, and his face had suddenly become both stern and animated. “No! Not merely to extract your confession, nor to punish you. Shall I tell you why we have brought you here? To cure you! To make you sane! Will you understand, Winston, that no one whom we bring to this place ever leaves our hands uncured? We are not interested in those stupid crimes that you have committed. The Party is not interested in the overt act: the thought is all we care about. We do not merely destroy our enemies; we change them. Do you understand what I mean by that?”
– 1984, George Orwell

Since the 1990’s, there has been a push to make thought illegal, to punish, bully, and control those who are guilty of merely THINKING in an incorrect manner, which the GROUP has declared to be evil. There is a push to make everyone the same. Hillary Clinton and the power brokers she represented, were the spearhead of that push, to continue to homogenize and control America. Real Americans rose up in revolt, and stopped her. You are not bad because you think climate change is a hoax, or homosexuality is sin, or that bathrooms for men should be for men, or women for women. You’re not bad because you’d like your country to remain American, or fear an influx of refugees that might contain terrorists. You’re not wrong to love Christ or reject evolution. These are merely examples of groupthink at work, attempting to make you villains and enemies of the State SOLELY because you THOUGHT WRONG. What we did on Tuesday was the utter repudiation of the thought police in this country who were on track towards absolute victory. The media are their mouthpieces. They are the Ministry of Truth, redefining reality to suit the party line. Expect to hear the repeated mantra of “racist, xenophobe, homophobe, misogynist” in the days ahead. They refer not only to Trump, who is none of those things, but to you, average American, for backing him, or at the least, failing to agree with THE GROUP. They are attempting to shame us, make us fear, change us, because they don’t like how we think and do not believe we have any right to do so. The people who voted Trump are not rubes, they’re not uneducated, they’re not racist, but they ARE quite disturbed with the direction our nation was going. So they chose to act. It will take decades to repair the damage the politburo has done, but repair it we shall. We really are going to Make America Great Again.

Current Events 11-10-2016

I Believe That Was the Whole Point Donald Trump’s Victory Promises to Upend the International Order

How Would This Nearly Bankrupt State Pay For All Its Illegals Without the Federal Government? #Calexit: California want to leave the US after Donald Trump’s election win

Not Really. They Just Needed to Hang Out at /r/The_Donald. Trump’s win reveals social media’s blind spot

Nate Silver, You Preeing Pretentious Jackass. Pollsters suffer huge embarrassment

And With Any Justice, Has a Bright Future in America’s Penal System The Clinton dynasty has come to an end

This Was Inevitable. The Math: Trump 2016 Would’ve Beaten Obama 2012

I Hope So. And For Pity’s Sake Let Snowden Come Home! Is Trump about to help pardon Assange? Shock calls after WikiLeaks release Clinton e-mails

The Market Knows What’s What Trump Election ‘Market Panic’ Ends with All-Time Dow Jones High

This is Why a Republican Can’t Hardly Get a Fair Shake in This Country These 6 Corporations Control 90% Of The Media In America

Awesome Paralysed people could walk again instantly after scientists prove brain implant works in primates

Sweet Victory

In my house, Presidential Elections are bigger than the Super Bowl, bigger than the World Cup, bigger than the Olympics, because unlike those other things, elections actually matter.

Let me say first of all how very grateful to God I am, who answered our prayers that the election would be full and fairly won, that the loser would not only be Hillary Clinton, but that she would also concede the election without contest.

I have been a Trump supporter from the earliest days of the nomination process. From the moment he announced his candidacy from Trump tower, I knew I was looking at the next President of the United States. The reason was simple: he fights. Trump says what he means, does what he says, and is not AT ALL afraid to hit back, and hit harder, when attacked. And HOLY LORD how the attacks came. I have watched events unfold for the past year, as my fellow patriots and I prepared to do something that for all our words and argumentation seemed to get lost in all the vitriol: seize power from the political class in Washington and put a man in office who represents US. We have, in short, conducted a bloodless coup.

My advice to all the people who lacked vision, who seemed incapable of either reason or logic in all of this, who got caught up in the emotion of the moment and took their place in the usual GOP circular firing squad is this: remain calm. Because unlike Obama, this time there is real Hope, and we will ALL benefit from real, and desperately needed, Change. We need to pull together to make ALL our politicians serve our interests, and should they refuse, run them out of office like we have done with Obama.

It’s a new day, America. Enjoy the ride. #MAGA

Current Events 11-01-2016

They Own This. The Democrats CREATED the Clintons. They Deserve No Access to Power Ever Again. Hold Democrats Strictly Accountable for the Clintons

Nixon Was a Saint Compared to This Hillary’s Watergate?

Better Late Than Never The Clintons — At the End of All Things

Only SOME Black Lives Matter Black Leaders Decry Hillary Clinton’s ‘Unconscionable Silence’ over Black Abortion

Burn It All Down Forget the FBI cache; the Podesta emails show how America is run

Never Was Investigating Donald Trump, F.B.I. Sees No Clear Link to Russia