Excerpts from my twisted mind.

On the Death of the Notorious RBG

I am going to speak once, and then let the matter drop. I am not so much glad Ginsburg is dead, as I am she is GONE. She should have retired years ago. I am sure she has family that is mourning her passing. I am unable to feel any grief for her myself, mostly because I didn’t know her, but also because she was a champion of babykillers for 25 years. I am positively gleeful at the prospect of the President appointing another Conservative to the bench. I am personally hoping he picks another woman, specifically Amy Coney Barrett. Catholic. Mom. Staunchly pro-life and pro-2A. She would be the perfect pick to fill that vacated position. I am overjoyed at the prospect that I might live to see the end of Roe v Wade, one of the most infamous Supreme Court cases since the Dredd Scott decision.

I will never apologize for having political opinions. You can read the Bible and tell that every single one of the Biblical authors and figures all had political opinions. The fact that they lived under the boot heel of a despotic absolute monarch made expressing them difficult, but it did not mean they did not have them. We do not live under a despotic absolute monarch – we term-limited him out in 2016. So we have not only the freedom to hold political positions, but the duty to do so.

It is not wrong to be political. As Christians, we more than any other group, have the incredible advantage of being filled with the Holy Ghost, and having direct access to God’s wisdom via His Word. So we can inform our political positions better than an unregenerate heathen, which all Leftists are – they brag about it. I cannot fail to have an opinion about murdering babies, or normalizing sexual deviancy, or using the rule of law as a cudgel to suppress the free speech of Christians. I also cannot fail to perceive the tremendous threat that the Left represents to me and mine. We are all of us staring down the gun barrel of the most consequential election in our lifetimes, and perhaps in American history.

If we lose this fight, we lose it all. The Left intends to make sure no Republican wins anywhere ever. We will become a one-party government, exactly like California. It is supremely naive, and extraordinarily foolish to pretend this is not a problem. It would be like refusing to take a side in WW2. Belgium tried that. And the Nazis invaded and conquered them, rolling their tanks right over their precious neutrality. My point is, you can’t stay neutral. If you refuse to take a side, you will have one chosen for you. And you won’t like that choice. Considering that in this country I get to choose, I choose freedom. I choose liberty. I choose life. And I will never shrink from speaking with vigor and truth to the tremendous godless evil that the Left has fully and enthusiastically embraced.

I find the sanctimonious virtue signaling and posturing of Progressive Christians to be nothing less than treasonous, not to mention cowardly. They are the fools who will make peace with the crocodile and hope it eats them last.

“And I sought for a man among them who should build up the wall and stand in the breach before me for the land, that I should not destroy it, but I found none.” Ezekiel 22:30

Beware the “Victims”

This is what I mean when I say “The Left intends to kill us.” They are using language which, in the past, preceded genocide in those countries that have committed mass murder. It always begins with the belief in victimization, that the oppressors must be punished, and that this is justified because we (the murderers) have been been oppressed by them. It doesn’t even have to be oppression in the present and usually is not. The perception that oppression has occurred, even if it was long ago, and that the oppressed are somehow affected by an accident of birth, is then used to inflame the emotions of those people who have failed, by their own lack of effort, to succeed. And they then, out of envy, proceed to take bloody vengeance.

On Meat, Idols, and Masks

I recently saw an argument made that in 1 Corinthians 8, when the Apostle Paul states that we should not eat meat sacrificed to idols if it would offend a weaker brother, that in this modern context, we should wear a mask for the same reason. It also stated that our failure to comply with this government mandate was a failure to submit to authority, based on the same passage. I do not agree with this argument.

I think the passage on meat sacrificed to idols is talking about meat sacrificed to idols. The question here is “Does an object used in ritual sacrifice to a pagan deity, or more broadly, an object associated with pagan practices, become evil because it was used for evil things?” The Gentile believers had been until very recently pagans themselves. They had participated in pagan practices. Then they repented, believed on Christ, and became new creatures. Paul had to construct a new way of life based on Christian principles.

Jews believed that things could become tainted by evil, or by ritual impurity. Jesus Himself taught that you can’t “catch” evil from things, but that evil proceeds from the heart. The Pharisees were obsessed with ritual and ceremonial purity, but completely neglected the purity of their own hearts. They could crucify the King of Glory, but believe themselves pure and innocent because they hadn’t touched anything or eaten anything unclean.

So you had Gentiles buying meat in the open air markets which had been butchered in sacrifice to pagan deities that morning. It was cheaper than other meat, which is why they were inclined to buy it. The Judaized believers were trying to make a moral issue out of a physical practice through association. In other words “It is sin to consume meat sacrificed to idols, because of its association with idolatry.”

1 Corinthians 8 explains that as believers, we are free from Jewish fears about ritual purity, or unclean meats. I can enjoy my bacon freely. I can eat that pepperoni pizza. I can relish that ham.

Based on the same passage, I would never serve pork or allow anything touched by pork in the presence of a Jew or a Muslim, because, as 1 Corinthians 8 states, it would wound their conscience. I voluntarily limit my freedom in this instance, because to them it is a moral issue. It is similar today to how you have to avoid certain music or entertainment in the presence of some fundamentalist believers because it would wound their weaker conscience.

Masks are not associated with pagan practice. They have no association with evil. They are not moral. It is not immoral to abstain from wearing a mask, nor moral to wear one. Meat sacrificed to idols is not morally equivalent to wearing a mask, or not wearing one. I am not sure how wearing a mask could be a matter of conscience which I as a believer am bound to respect as a matter of decency. If it was a religious garment, like a Muslim prayer covering or a Jewish prayer covering, it would be one thing. But it is not. It is a government mandated mask, done to perpetuate fear, and extend government control.

I think this issue, if we’re strictly talking Bible, more closely resembles the teaching on head coverings a bit further on in 1 Corinthians chapter 11. Some believers had made a moral issue out of whether a woman could pray in the church with her head uncovered, or whether a garment, a head covering, should be mandated. Paul’s conclusion was “But if any man seem to be contentious, we have no such custom, neither the churches of God.” Implying that it was an extra-Biblical custom, not mandated by Scripture, and out of place in the church of God. I could argue that mandating masks is the same kind of thing.

It is a Constitutional issue. As American believers, our duty is to defend freedom. This may have been a public health concern two months ago, but it has become very apparent that the real motive here is government control. Make people afraid so Democrats can demand cheat-by-mail, cancel in person voting, and keep Biden from debating Trump so the whole country can see how senile Biden has become. It is about forcing the common man to crawl at the dictates of government hegemony. As a patriot, I will not comply.

I am sorry if the “offense” of other believers is an issue for some, but “offense” gets used as a cudgel to bludgeon free Americans into compliance with very un-American and ungodly things too often. While the Bible teaches compassion and kindness, nowhere does it teach “tolerance.” Shall I be tolerant of abortion because it might offend baby killers if I do not? Shall I be tolerant of homosexual behavior because to call it perversion might offend heathens? Shall I be tolerant of Progressive “Christians” perverting Scripture to espouse critical race theory? I think not.

I could argue using the same concept of “offense” that the pro-Mask believer should defer to my offense since they are offending me by demanding I give up my liberty. But somehow, that deference never leans in the direction of more freedom – always less freedom.

Nobody in the Roman government was mandating that the Gentile believers eat or not eat meat sacrificed to idols, so I don’t think you can argue a failure to submit to government authority by drawing a comparison to this passage vis a vis wearing masks. In a government based on laws and the consent of the governed, such as we possess in America, our consent to government dictate is of tantamount importance. If there was a legitimate threat of death without the masks, it would be different. That is not the case. The virus is not that dangerous, and the masks don’t work that way. They are at best a placebo.

Quarantining the sick is Biblical – the healthy, not. If there are people worried about sickness, and their health is that fragile, then they should wear a mask, or stay home in quarantine. The rest of us, however, don’t need masks. Allowing Leftists to strong-arm us now will only embolden the neo-Marxists to do it again in the future. Our religious liberty in this country is under attack on multiple fronts. This is one of them.

It is because of this that I refuse to wear masks.

Keeping Racism Alive

I was pondering why it is that some racist epithets are still uttered, and others are not, and why people treat some words like they’re radioactive. The word, in case you’re wondering, is nigger. It’s an ugly word. One that should have faded from the public vernacular long ago. But here it is, alive and well in 2020. Then I thought, why don’t you hear any other racist terminology? Seems like when I was a kid, you heard them all the time. Very simply, people stopped using them.

The great George Carlin had some thoughts on this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2uL2t24Thjk It’s worth a watch.

Words are not capable of evil in and of themselves. They don’t become evil until a human puts intent behind them and makes them evil. Particularly when words produce evil actions. I find the double standard of African-American folks using nigger on a daily basis to be bizarre, considering how hateful that word is. It’s like some kind of crazy Stockholm syndrome, adopting the language of their Democrat oppressors from back in the day. It has kept racism alive, long past its expiration. And now, with hate crimes and speech codes, we are minting a new generation of bigots, by creating more division and resentment between peoples. We shouldn’t let Leftists control our speech or our thoughts.

I think as Christians, we should control our own speech, for no other reason than we wish to please God. “Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer each person.” Colossisans 4:6

But never speech codes or government mandates. The people who want to control our speech are the same people who love to call everybody else Nazi, racist, homophobe, bigot and white supremacist. They are the true bigots here. And because they believe that words are capable of evil in and of themselves, they view speech they don’t like as assault, and so feel justified in physically attacking us in response. They believe speech is violence. It’s a recipe for Stalinist purges and genocide.

Useful Idiots

Black Lives Matter has become a Maoist cult. I do not bow to any but God. I will not obey the dictates of a mob.

“Thou shalt not raise a false report: put not thine hand with the wicked to be an unrighteous witness.
Thou shalt not follow a multitude to do evil; neither shalt thou speak in a cause to decline after many to wrest judgment:”

Exodus 23:1-2

Cops are not hunting black people in the streets. That is a false report. There is no systemic racism. That is a false report. All you people who demand that white people “repent of their whiteness”, you are putting your hand with the wicked to be an unrighteous witness. All of you spreading the lies of critical race theory, or participating in the rioting, or the looting, or the cancel culture, you are following a multitude to do evil.

Mob rule is synchronized sinfulness.

This is a moral panic, and it will kill this country if we do not act. We must keep our heads and not be pressured into making concessions to the mob, nor shamed into conceding the false premises of critical race theory.

Do not become useful idiots, Christians.

Food For Thought

I think we are reaching the point where voting won’t much matter. Yeah, we should vote for Trump, and he will probably win in a landslide (like Reagan did in 1984). But what difference does it make if the Democrat states or cities secede from the Union? What difference does it make when the Supreme Court can legislate from the bench, or when our means of communication lies firmly in the hands of Leftist technocrats? What difference does it make when an outgoing administration (Obama) and his accomplices in the intelligence community can engage in an ongoing coup and suffer no repercussions whatsoever? What difference does it make when government no longer answers to us in any meaningful way? When the rule of law becomes meaningless? When mobs can burn cities, or seize city blocks and secede without consequence or reprisal? When our enemies persist in using dehumanizing language to describe us, and wish openly for us to die? At some point, very soon, we are going to have to raise our own militias and prepare for the inevitable conflict these fools want to force on us. I will not go to the gulags peaceably, nor accept the rule of tyrants. Neither should you.

Food for thought…


So Dave Chapelle made a video during the pandemic (is that even a thing anymore after all the rioting and protesting?). I confess I like Dave Chapelle. I think his comedy is hilarious and subversive. In his last special, he described how cancel culture is used to destroy people’s lives and careers. He then proceeded to mock the Alphabet People (his words), and talked about gun ownership. It was funny. He got a lot of pushback from the usual fascists in the media who try to control speech and humor. So he puts out this special 8:46.

It emphasizes the social distancing and the mask wearing and the standard fear-mongering stuff you get from the Left. Then he praised the protestors out in the streets doing none of those things. He used the worst word you can use for a woman to describe Candace Owens. I don’t think he should be cancelled for this, but it was still not cool. And it got a lot of laughs from the crowd, the same people who would demand scalps if it was anybody else. But it’s okay to hate a successful African-American woman, if she’s conservative.

He made a very emotional appeal about police violence and his own family history. I get his anger. I think it is misplaced, and I think it panders to the Marxists who are probably threatening his job, but I get his anger. The George Floyd video was very disturbing. But that was the point. Where are the videos for the other 1,000 people killed by police last year? Probably, if such videos exist, this one was the only one that fit the “all police are racist” narrative, so it was useful propaganda to enrage the mob. Which it did.

He made a false dichotomy in reference to the massive response of police when one of theirs is killed. Police respond with overwhelming force to cop killers, because their safety, their ability to do their jobs well, depends on the unshakable faith they have cultivated in the public that if you harm a cop, they will come after you as one. No exceptions. I wonder if he is aware of the 48 cops murdered in 2019, or the 56 murdered on the job the year before that? That’s a lot more than the 9 unarmed black suspects killed by police last year, or the 19 white (if you care about such distinctions).

Police kill people every year. Most of those deaths are justifiable, as the perps are trying to harm the police or harm others. In the very few cases where a cop wrongly kills someone, they need to be prosecuted. And they are. Nobody is killing black people and covering up the crimes. This ain’t Mississippi Burning.

He was factually wrong on Frederick Douglass being the last African-American invited to the White House until Woodrow Wilson’s presidency (who was a monstrous bigot who single-handedly revived the waning KKK and re-segregated the military). I think it was probably meant to slander Republicans as being racist. The truth is, black people, including leaders such as Frederick Douglass and Sojourner Truth, had been received at the White House by Presidents Lincoln, Grant, Hayes, and Cleveland. At the invitation of First Lady Lucy Hayes, Marie Selika Williams became the first African-American professional musician to appear at the White House. And in 1901, Theodore Roosevelt formally invited Booker T. Washington to dine with him. The Southern Democrats were furious. I won’t repeat their evil words. Teddy Roosevelt was reviled by the Southern Democrat press. You can read it if you want here (if you can stomach it): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Booker_T._Washington_dinner_at_the_White_House#:~:text=On%2016%20October%201901%2C%20shortly,from%20southern%20politicians%20and%20press.

Candace Owens was right to condemn the character of George Floyd. Character matters. When cops have to deal with people, it is usually because of crime. So criminals are going to draw the attention of police soonest, because that is what cops do. George Floyd was combative. He was a career criminal and a junkie. He was high on fentanyl and meth at the time of the attempted arrest. He fought the police for 10 minutes before they finally restrained him on the ground. And Derek Chauvin, who had a personal beef with this guy (they knew each other from a security job they both worked), murdered him. That’s tragic. And he, and the rookie cops who stood by and watched it, are facing justice for their crimes.

George Floyd didn’t deserve to die. But neither did David Patrick Underwood. Or Dorian Murell. Or Chris Beaty. Or John Tiggs. Or Myqwon Blanchard. Or Italia Marie Kelly. Or retired police captain David Dorn. All these people were killed by looters. The “streets” you reference in your video. The “streets” speaking up against police violence. You are encouraging anarchy, Dave.

I want to know, what else can possibly be done to reduce police related deaths? Every new reform, every tactic devised by Leftists, every sensitivity training course, every proposal – do they really work? Why is there no discussion of black crime? I know Dave Chapelle knows about black crime, because he talks about it at length in numerous specials and on his defunct show. Do you suppose that the enormous out of control black on black crime in our country might, maybe, just a little bit have something to do with the overwhelming police presence in black neighborhoods? I notice Dave is living on a palatial estate in Ohio farm country. About as far away from the “hood” as you can get. Good for him. But it is very hypocritical to criticize Americans, including Candace Owens, and call us racist for wanting to address the problem of black crime, when you clearly don’t want to be affected by black crime either.

Here is a very wealthy black man who owes his success to an awful lot of white folks who find his humor funny, referring to us as “White America”. He’s a talented man, so it’s no surprise he has done so well. But “White America”, it seems to me, has only helped you, not hurt you. I suspect, in an effort to save your career, instead of just being funny, and irreverent, and subversive, you have chosen to side with the bigots. To take a lot of cheap shots at your neighbors, and the police, and a wide swath of decent folks who have no problem with you at all, so as to get some easy laughs from the white Leftists who put “your people” in their predicament in the first place. Just like every other worthless, woke, SJW “comedian” out there. You’ve sold out.

And that’s not funny at all.

You Can’t Reason With Leftists

Did you know you can talk to liberals? Yep. People who received a classical education, were taught deductive reasoning, can be reasoned with. Both liberals and conservatives believe in using logic, reason, and empirical evidence to examine claims, then draw conclusions. We just disagree on the conclusions. But Leftists are different. They are using Marxist dialectical materialism. So logic and reason are out, because those were espoused by Western colonizers. Feelings are the metric of whether something is true or not. They also don’t believe in true or false. This is why they cannot be reasoned with, because they lack the capacity for reason. You cannot persuade people like this without being drawn into emotional arguments, or remedial education seminars on logical thinking.

Something is not true because it is truth – it is true because I FEEL it is true. I feel police are racist, so it is true, even through it contradicts empirical evidence. I feel a woman should have control over her own body, so abortion is true, even though advances in medical science prove that fetuses are alive and can feel pain. I feel that love conquers all, so it is true, even though homosexuality is wildly unhealthy, mentally and physically. I feel a family should be whatever we want it to be, so it is true, even though children only really prosper when there is a mother and father, married to each other, raising them.

You can’t reason with religious zealots. The touchstones of the religious Left – critical theory, sexual libertarianism, abortion, Marxism, environmentalism – were not arrived at by deductive reasoning. They are articles of faith. And you are a heretic if you reject them, as reason and common sense demands you should.

To All the Bigots

Words matter. Meanings of words matter. Exactitude of speech and writing matters.

You can tell that most of the people throwing the word “racist” around (also homophobe, misogynist, sexist, privilege) don’t really know what the word means.

Critical Theory believes that anybody who is “white”, or who refuses to acknowledge the existence of SYSTEMIC racism (no one is seriously discounting individual examples of prejudice), or who will not disavow or apologize for their “whiteness”, or fully embrace the godless Black Lives Matter political movement, is a racist and a white supremacist. To these people, you are literally evil incarnate, because you were born evil, if you are “white”. They make their hatred of men, and the fair-skinned, and Christians, and heterosexuals very clear.

There is a word for people like this.

bigot: one who is strongly partial to one’s own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ.
– American Heritage Dictionary

They are bigots.

So when people start in with their hatred or disdain for “whiteness” or “white people”, or any grouping of people deemed evil by this new religion of critical theory, it is acceptable to call them what they are.

They are bigots.

I Will Shoot You

I will not bow to a mob. BLM is a terrorist organization, with designs on political power. They want the same thing all politicians want – wealth, prestige, and the power to Karen everybody else’s lives.

I don’t doubt that bad things have happened to the melanin-enhanced among us, but bad things happen to lots of people every day. It’s not a racist conspiracy. Most of the time, it’s just jerks being jerks, crooks being crooks, or Karens being Karens.

I am a white supremacist, I am told. Not because I actually believe the tenets of the White Supremacy movement, which isn’t so much a movement anymore – more a disorganized gaggle – but because I won’t swear fealty to a godless, Leftist organization that wants to categorize all whites as racists.

The whole movement is predicated on a lie – cops are not targeting blacks for murder. There is no systemic racism. But there are an awful lot of very bigoted, deeply hateful people on the Left. White and black. And they hate this country enough to try to conquer it and us.

I love everybody. But let me be clear to all you lunatics – you try to overthrow the government, start shipping people off to gulags, or try starting some kind of a race war, I WILL SHOOT YOU. The 1st amendment grants you the right to be the pack of liars and bigots you are. The 2nd amendment means I can resist your revolution, should you actually have the testes to pull it off. Which I doubt.

Just sayin’.