Excerpts from my twisted mind.

Well That Got Out of Hand Fast

To be honest, I was super busy. We were pushing hard to get our furlough done and get back to St. Louis to begin the push to get back to Uganda AND the WuFlu happened. And now we’re stuck home. Uganda grounded inbound and outbound flights. We can’t get there, and we are under house arrest here. It’s not all bad. We are getting to spend a lot of time together as a family, since the China Virus brought the boys home from college early. My goodness what a month March was. It started so well, and then in three days, it all changed. When this all blows over, some folks are going to have some major ‘splainin to do.

We Are All Autodidacts Now

I am most of the way through Allan Bloom’s seminal “The Closing of the American Mind”. It’s an eye-opening, heavy, philosophical analysis of our current state. It has a lot to say, primarily how German philosophy has infected our Republic, and how our egalitarian system is devolving into totalitarianism because we have replaced truth with values, and tradition with culture, and reason with experience. It’s a long book. Very technical. But one thing it has challenged me in is this – I need a better philosophy. I have always read a lot of history, because my instinct told me that I needed a broad, birds-eye view of the world so I could understand it better. This is certainly true. But history alone cannot answer the question of “why?”. Which is where philosophy comes in. So, I am going to start on Mortimer Adler’s reading list, and go from there. I have no expectation that I will agree with all of it. That’s not the purpose. The purpose rather is to understand the thinking that shaped Western Civilization. It’s to absorb enough thought that you begin to gain perspective. You gain a better notion of the “why” behind things, and hence, can better shape and inform your own thinking. It’s a hefty list. It will take awhile. And I will no doubt find myself following forks of thought as I encounter them. We have to learn how to think better than we do. Our educational systems can no longer be relied upon to teach us. We are all autodidacts now.

Tolerate Nothing

What is needed in today’s world is a little more intolerance. Intolerance of sin. Intolerance of evil. Intolerance of wrong philosophy and bad doctrine. Intolerance of inferior cultures and false religions that are hostile to American culture and the Christian faith. Intolerance of unbelief, and militant atheism that hates Christians and Christianity. Where is it writ that we have to tolerate any of it? And of course, the tolerance is always one-sided, as our enemies, for enemies they are, have no tolerance whatsoever for our faith or even our existence. We are commanded to be compassionate, we are commanded to forgive, we are commanded to pray – we are never commanded to tolerate. I tolerate nothing.

“Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong. Let all your things be done with charity.” 1 Corinthians 16:13-14

Two Americas

There are two Americas. There is the real America as founded, based on the Constitution, the rule of Law, and the patriotism of its citizens. This is the America where most of us live, work, raise our families, go to school, go to church, and have our existence. The other America is the fake America that exists only in the fevered imaginations of the American Left. It is an article of Faith to the new religion of Marxist-Fascist Progressivism. This America isn’t a reality (yet), but the religious zealots on the Left want to make it so. They will do so by rolling over our laws, our morality, our rights and our bodies if need be. So, when you hear a Leftist say that “we are destroying America”, they are talking about the fantasy dystopian America of their monstrous desires. The one where they and their District One oligarchs rule, and where we the peasants work on their behalf. Any time any of us dares raise our voice in defense of the true America, these elitist perverts declare “we are destroying America” with our words and beliefs. Far from it. We are standing up for the real one.

Today’s Inconvenient Truth

The so-called “Gay Rights” movement was never about equality. To begin with, there was no inequality. Nobody was being denied their Constitutional rights. Instead, the mentally ill wanted Special Rights. Specifically, overturning millennia of biology, science, Judeo-Christian philosophy, and the rule of law to redefine perversion as normal, and then force all those with legitimate conscientious objections to comply with the new state mandated definition of “normal”.

Male and Female homosexuality, or gender identity disorder, was once considered paraphilia. It, and a long list of other irrational, unwanted sexual disorders, was once considered mental illness. But the APA was pressured to adopt, with few prior studies, a new redefinition of homosexuality as normal, and the long fall down the slippery slope began. We are nearing the end stages where soon, they will force us to accept transgender as normative with the jackboot of government authority, then polyamory, then pedophilia.

There is no limit to the perversions of man once all objective moral truths have been obliterated and everybody becomes a victim. These same people view Christians and normal married folks with children with unreasoning vitriol. They will eliminate free speech and freedom of religion, and legislate away the second amendment so we cannot take up arms to stop it. They won’t allow us to simply co-exist – we have to be eliminated. It will happen unless we stop it here.

Unlike fake, made-up special rights, the Constitution clearly and unequivocally enshrines freedom of speech, religion, association, and the press, and the right to petition the Government. These are natural rights, not granted but only recognized by government. We don’t have to accept their infringement, because infringing upon them is an unlawful act. It shouldn’t take any court cases anywhere to allow Christians or people of conscience to not be forced to bow the knee to the gay mafia.

Would You Like Some More Rope?

Trump is going to win re-election. The Democrats know this, so they are trying to destroy him. The inmates are running the asylum. The party of Kennedy and Truman is dead. This is going to cost them the House, the White House, and everything else. All this does is prove the President right in everything he has said about these lunatics. And it will drive ever more people to his camp. Never in my wildest aspirations did I think the President would succeed so completely in obliterating the Democrat/Communist Party. He keeps giving them rope, and they are rushing to hang themselves with it. Well done, GEOTUS!

To My Fellow Monsters

Why do they call us white supremacists and racists? I say us, because the message is clear: anybody who supports the President is a white supremacist and a racist. According to the Left. This is a tactic common in totalitarian regimes. It is part of a process of dehumanization that occurs preceding marginalization and extermination. In other words, genocide. Is it really that serious? Think about it. If I am a person, then I have to be reasoned with, persuaded, compromised with. If am a person, then we have to work to live alongside one another peaceably using the same social compact of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that all Americans once espoused. But if I am a racist, a white supremacist, then I am no longer a person. I am a monster. And you don’t cooperate with monsters. You don’t talk to monsters, or reason with them, or try to see things from their perspective. You kill monsters. And that, fellow deplorables, “racists”, and “white supremacists”, is what the Left wishes to do to us.

Why Do Mass Shootings Happen?

Why do mass shootings happen? Let me stop you before you pipe up “because of guns”. If it wasn’t guns, it would be some other weapon. The calls to ban guns aren’t made from compassion, but from a callous desire to politicize tragedy and disarm the lawful. So that’s a non-starter. So why mass shootings? There are probably multiple factors in play. Here are a few. 1) Men, in particular white men, are demonized and marginalized in our culture. 2) Mental illness is everywhere and untreated. 3) Our culture is indifferent towards death. 4) Our media encourages violence towards its political enemies.

In such a culture, you can see how an angry white man, struggling with mental problems and paranoia, could latch onto the Central American invasion of Southern America, which is a real thing by the way, and decide to “do something about it”, in this instance, shooting a bunch of innocent people. It’s a despicable action, but an understandable one. Most of the time, it is Leftists trying to kill people they deem to be Trump supporters. This case in El Paso is unique. And of course, it is getting all the press.

Stand firm folks. We don’t need more gun laws. What we need is accountability for a media that encourages racial hatred of white people, misandry, and violence towards its enemies. We have to stop allowing the murder of innocents, whether through abortion, or later through Leftist ideology and its consequences. We have to rebuild our homes, so young men are raised in an environment where they are nurtured and loved, and socialized by their fathers to be dignified, self-controlled and self-assured, and honorable.

We can’t keep blaming lawful gun owners for the actions of lunatics. We are the last people who would ever harm anybody with a firearm, and the first ones to react should a mass shooting occur. We can’t keep calling the President and everybody who supports him racist. All that does is firm our resolve to fight back should you fascists ever get power. The only violence being stoked in this country is the hate-filled, wicked rhetoric spewing forth from Leftist mouths like a steady stream of raw sewage. It has to stop.

Some Thoughts on Racism

Some thoughts on racism. Racism is as old as humanity itself. It starts with hatred for you brother, for which Jesus said you are worthy of Hell. I am not talking about dislike, disagreement, or having an opposing viewpoint. I mean deep down, irrational, murderous hate for another human being. The kind of hate that made Cain murder his brother Abel. That hate, given time, will take root and become prejudice. Prejudice is hatred directed at a group. We see this all the time. Leftists hate white people in general, men in particular, and white Christian men most of all. They make assumptions about us because we fall into that category. That’s prejudice, or bigotry. And the Left is loaded with bigotry towards an awful lot of people. Black people can be bigots. Mexicans (and other folks from points further South) can be bigots. Anybody can. Because they have a human heart and hate is a sin every mortal can be tempted with. That brings us to racism. Racism according to the dictionary is “a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.” It’s more systemic than plain old bigotry. Racism is what you get when Democrats get majority power. It’s a political system that obsesses about race, makes all its decisions based on it, and actively seeks to punish those not in the “favored races or grievance groups”. Historically it was blacks and Jews that Democrats hated the most. They built an entire culture of discrimination based on segregation and codified into law in the form of Jim Crow. Maybe you’ve heard of it. Another example is the treatment Jews received in Nazi Germany and Tsarist Russia. Or apartheid in South Africa. Or how the British treated the Irish. That’s racism. We have nothing like it at all in America anymore. You know why? Because a lot of white Christian men killed it for good. Republicans, the party of abolition, killed racism in America. When Democrats tar everybody who oppose them as racist, they rob the word of its meaning. They stoke grievances that have no basis in reality anymore. They pit American against American. And they do so with the goal of gaining absolute power. Don’t fall for it. It’s not racist to demand accountability from lawmakers who happen to have a bit more melanin in their skin. There are no “people of color”. Only people. And if everybody is racist then no one is.

Some Thoughts on Muslims

I am well aware that Muslims are very hostile to Christians and Jews (probably why American Progressives love them so much). We have seen what happens in countries that allow Muslims in – the church burnings and vandalism across Europe, the mass shootings and bombings, the rise in rapes, the rise in anti-Semitism, and most recently the murder of over 200 Christians in Sri Lanka, and the maiming of 600 more. In our own country, Muslims murdered 3,000 Americans on 9/11, in addition to the numerous others murdered on the U.S.S. Cole, the embassy bombing in Kenya, various mass shootings by Muslims, the first attempt to blow up the World Trade Centers, and dipping back a bit into the past, the 1983 suicide bombing of a Marine base in Beirut, that murdered 307 people, including 220 Marines. Everywhere Muslims are allowed to live in a free society based on Western, Judeo-Christian principles of liberty, these behaviors follow. Every time.

I am conflicted, because I know lots of Muslims who aren’t like this at all. Where I live and minister in Uganda, Muslims and Christians co-exist peaceably every day. The only violence I have seen is from bandits, kidnappers, and agents of the Museveni regime suppressing free speech. There have been bombings from members of Al-Shabab who have journeyed from Somalia, snuck across the borders of Kenya and made their way to Uganda, and have engaged in mass shootings and bombings in those countries. And we all know about the ongoing genocide in Sudan. And yet the Muslims in Uganda remain peaceful. What makes the difference?

To my mind, there isn’t much difference between Catholicism, Judaism, and Islam. They are all three traditional, culturally-oriented, world religions that have their own sets of beliefs, rules, and religious practices. They have all three been hostile to outsiders and those deemed “heretics”. Most recently, Islam is engaging in the most violence. And yet in Uganda and Rwanda, the most dangerous religion by far is Catholicism, not Islam.

It’s hard to win Muslims to Christ, because if they convert, and it becomes known, they will be killed, or at the very least, ostracized by their entire extended family and community. Exactly what also happens to Catholics and Jews who convert to true Christian belief.

So how does one reckon the radical Muslims that keep killing people?

I think they bear more resemblance to Nazis/Communists than to any world religion. What do I mean by this? When the Nazis conquered Germany, and the Bolsheviks Russia, and once they had gained a sufficient majority, these political cults were then free to strongarm everyone else into cooperating with their monstrous agendas. At that point, if you were German, or Russian, you either had to escape, if you could, or more likely, you joined the Nazi or Communist Party because if you didn’t, the other Nazis and Communists would kill you. There was considerable pressure on people living in those occupied countries to conform to the new ruling ideology and go along with them to do, or at least tolerate, evil. And of course, there are always those people who it seems were just waiting for the opportunity to commit atrocities and who embrace the new ideology enthusiastically.

I think that is what has happened with Islam. It is a barbaric religion, filled with revolting practices such as human slavery, child brides, misogyny, and female genital mutilation. It has traditions and teachings within the Koran that encourage these practices, along with the forcible conversion of all unbelievers. It lends itself to violence in ways Judaism and Catholicism do not. Nevertheless, there are moderating influences, such as the need to have a stable society in which to conduct business. Invariably, you’ll see stable Muslim communities that are reasonably tolerant of outsiders and unbelievers, simply because it is necessary in order to conduct business.

These kinds of Muslims are harmless, decent folks with a strong work ethic and a powerful drive towards education and self-improvement. They remind me quite a bit of Jewish communities, who have similar values.

Ironically, these Muslim communities are persecuted the hardest by these fascist Islamist groups, such as Hamas, Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and Al-Shabab. These fascist groups persecute their own countrymen because they aren’t practicing all the most negative aspects of Islam properly, in their minds.

It’s hard to separate the harmless from the radicals. And that is the dilemma in which we find ourselves. Since we can’t see hearts and minds, it’s impossible to know, until somebody does something awful, how people think. And every radical pretends to be harmless and decent, until he’s burning down your cathedral or blowing up your church.

So as much as I want to be fair to the people who aren’t harming anybody, I think the only response free countries can make is to bar Muslims from immigrating to their countries until this problem of Islamism (Islamic fascism), can be resolved. Islam in its common form is not compatible with Western Civilization, and has no place among free peoples.

At the same time, we cannot allow atheism and socialism to exploit Islam to further their own interests, which at the moment happens to line up with Islam, namely, the destruction of Christianity and Western Civilization. Where there are Muslims, we need to try to be the moderating influence that helps them step away from their barbaric practices and enjoy the benefits that a free, Western society offers. And if we can, we need to befriend them and show them Jesus Christ, because salvation by grace through faith alone is how everybody is transformed from darkness to light, including Muslims.

So there’s my two cents on the matter.