Current Events 01-05-2018

It’s Always Been About Black Genocide New Film Dives Into The ‘Black Genocide’ Of Abortion

The #RacistDemocrats had their private concentration camp system in place in the Deep South until Republicans waged a Civil War to end it. They responded by enacting numerous Jim Crow laws to institutionalize racism and keep “blacks” down. “Blacks” were kept under control through fear, enforced by their terrorist militia the KKK. The Civil Rights movement and the FBI ended that. So now we have an invisible war against “blacks” in America in the form of abortion. 15 million “black” babies have been murdered since 1973. Sanger’s “Negro Project” has become a Final Solution for the negro population of the United States. And “blacks” keep voting for the Party of Hate.

Murdering Babies is Always Wrong The ‘Back Alley Abortion’ Argument Is Insane. There SHOULDN’T Be A ‘Safe’ Way To Kill A Child.

They Will Continue to Marginalize Themselves, And Normals Will Continue to Refuse Their Hate, Until Their Businesses Collapse Cultural Liberalism’s Business Model Has Begun to Fall Apart; And the blue states have never been more blue.


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