Current Events 08-17-2023

TLDR; We Arrest Everybody Here’s What The Democrats Should Expect If a Republican Wins Back The White House; As Billy Joel might say, we didn’t start the fire

And gallows for all traitors.

This Government No Longer Has Consent How Jack Smith Is Twisting Our Election Process

No Brakes Trump just smashed through a new primary “glass ceiling” and shattered every GOP candidate’s hopes…

Give it up, DeSantis.

It’s Time to Revolt How President Trump Can Use Political Pressure to Defeat the Biden Witch Hunt; Making America Great Again won’t come without risks

Shut it down. Shut it all down.

The Powers That Be Want Absolute Control – They Must Not Have It The Shadowbanning of the United States Internet

God Forbid We Hear Anything That Isn’t Created By Feds How NewsGuard Became the Establishment Guard Against Independent Media; Company makes a profit—including from US government funds—through a business model that leads to defunding and censoring of independent media

War. That’s What Happens. 20 Things That Will Happen When No One Can Afford to Live in America Anymore; What Our Future Looks Like

In Other News, The Government Is Sending Bears and Wolves After Us. Letting Grizzlies Terrorize Ranchers Is Climate Crazies’ Next Anti-Civilization Crusade

This is part and parcel of the drive to make meat scarce and too expensive for average people.


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