An Open Letter to Republican Lawmakers

The purpose of my letter is to encourage you to support President Trump in his effort to defend his landslide victory Election night against what can only be described as the worst voter fraud scandal in American history.

The integrity of our elections is what separates us from totalitarian nations where all election results are determined in advance, and where the citizens of those nations are routinely disenfranchised by corrupt political machines.

If our citizens cannot trust the outcome of their elections, then our transformation into a third-world, totalitarian pseudo-dictatorship is complete.

To avoid this, I am encouraging you to refrain from endorsing Biden-Harris until all legal challenges are complete, and all votes have been verified.

The Republicans must rally around our man, and unify to defend the purity and integrity of our Election Process.

This is not the first election where corrupt Democrat party machines have attempted to usurp the legal votes of American citizens. But never before have they attempted to steal an election on such a broad scale.

This cannot stand. The Republican party must demand immediate auditing of election results by a bipartisan team in all the contested states. You must demand full transparency and accountability in the counting process. You must demand that mail-in ballots be thrown out in the contested states, if not nationwide, as those results are now hopelessly tainted. You must demand a full auditing of votes in the 30 states where Dominion Voting Systems was used, as this software is now demonstrated to be vulnerable to fraud.

It is the Republican party’s duty to defend us against this brazen effort by the Democrat party, the Big Tech monopoly, and mainstream media to disenfranchise us. The fact is, 71 million of us cast our LEGAL votes for Donald J Trump. I am asking you to support the President and stand with him on the issue of rampant voter fraud by the Democrat Party.

If this fraudulent election stands, we will never again have a free and fair election in America. I don’t think any of us want this. Please stand with us, and defend our country against the criminal actions of these corrupt Democrat party machines.

You must back your constituents – we stand with Donald Trump.

You must fight back – our Republic is at stake.

Thank you.

Current Events 11-08-2020

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If Biden is handed this election, it is fraudulent. The system is broken. Our country has ceased to be lawful. The social compact is shattered. We become people without a country because America has ceased to exist.

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It’s all fake. All of it.

The Fix Is In In 30 states, a computer system known to be defective is tallying votes

An Open Letter to President Trump

Mr. President, let me start by saying that I am praying for you, and have been praying for you and backing you since you came down that escalator in 2016. You won re-election in a landslide on Tuesday night. That is absolutely clear. Everything that transpired after that was pure fraud.

For the sake of the 71 million Americans who will be attacked viciously if this travesty is allowed to stand, let me implore you sir – do not give up the fight.

The entire election must be audited from top to bottom. The presence of fraud is so plain and so clear to anyone with eyes and half a brain. The entire election has been tainted with fraudulent mail-in ballots and unreliable Dominion voting machine systems. We cannot accept, and will not accept any outcome that elects Biden as 46th President if the election is not thoroughly examined for all fraud, and the vote totals corrected to reflect this.

Do not graciously surrender, as some traitors at FOX and elsewhere are calling on you to do. Dig in. Do the work. Get it done. Find out how the election was corrupted. Prosecute everybody involved. Then win.

The media was in on the fraud, which is why they never called the states where you were winning. The Democrats were clearly planning this, which is why Biden barely ever campaigned. They knew having Amy Coney Barrett on the Supreme Court might scuttle their plans, which is why they pitched a fit when she got confirmed. This whole thing was a broad conspiracy, and the greatest example of voter fraud in US history.

This cannot stand. If it does, the integrity of our Election System will be forever compromised. If Democrats can simply whip up fake votes any time they are losing an election, and get away with it, then we can never again trust any election results. We will be living in a 3rd world banana republic then.

Please sir – do not quit. Do not concede. And make sure ALL the legal votes and ONLY the legal votes are counted.

God bless you, and God bless America.

Dirty Stinking Cheaters

Folks, I have been out of the loop on here because on Election Day I worked the polls. Since then, I have been very busy. I have consumed a lot of data, been watching the results roll in, and pulling for President Trump.

Like you, I was jubilant on Election night, as the President handily won re-election with a massive 71 million vote win. 

And then the fix was in. Starting Election night, the vote counting was halted in Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona, North Carolina, Nevada and Michigan. And probably others. Then, in the dead of night, without witnesses, without confirmation, ballots materialized for only one candidate – Joe Biden. Trump ended the night with massive leads, and overnight, they all began to be whittled away.

As it stands now, Trump has lost all his massive leads in those states. Joe Biden never campaigned, barely came out of his basement, because HE KNEW the fix was in. The media built him up with massive fake polls, because THEY KNEW the fix was in. Now, they are calling it for Joe Biden, because the fix is in. They are all in cahoots together in the most massive voter fraud scandal in American history.

Democrats exploited the fake pandemic manufactured crisis to scare people away from the polls. They then pressured their states to allow mail-in ballots, a system that differs greatly from absentee voting, in that mail-in ballots are unsolicited, and are not held to the same strict standard of identification for an absentee vote. 

This opened the door to fraud on a grand scale. In Philadelphia and Pittsburg, mail-in ballots were generated. They were either manufactured before the election and held in reserve for this eventuality, or they printed them after Trump began to win and win big. They brought these counterfeit ballots into the counting rooms, where Republican vote observers were barred entrance. Thus, all ballots received after Election Day and counted with out STATE MANDATED oversight by BOTH PARTIES are therefore invalid and must be thrown out. That amounts to approximately 600,000 votes in Pennsylvania alone, and will likewise affect all the other contested races in the battleground states.

Trump is exposing the massive voter fraud that the Democrats deployed, and probably also used in 2012 to win the White House and in 2018 to win the House (they have now lost all those seats they flipped). This entire election has been tainted. The election results are fake, and Joe Biden IS NOT the 46th President of the United States. Believe that.

When this proceeds through the courts, because those ballots were fraudulently cast and did not receive the lawful oversight, they will be thrown out. And then it’s a whole new day. 

We cannot let this voter fraud stand. Our Election System has been compromised to such a degree, that if this fraudulent election result is not overturned, we will never again know who has won any election ever. If the Democrats can simply gen up ballots whenever they please, and flip any race they please, and never face any consequences for their actions, then we are no longer a lawful Republic. We will have finally completed our transformation into a 3rd world dictatorship.

It is really that serious. 


The Things That Matter

If I haven’t made it blindingly obvious, I am backing Trump all the way tomorrow. I am going to do my part, small though it might be, to stop the Bolsheviks from murdering our Republic, and then murdering all of us given the chance. If you think murder is a strong word, consider the zero conscience these subhumans feel murdering babies – the rest of us won’t stand a chance vis a vis “the greater good.”

So what about you? For four years, we have watched this flawed man stand up against an unending torrent of lies, treason, sedition, and an ongoing coup by the Administrative State and the news media (Communist China). And he has not only weathered the storm, he has flourished. He restored our dignity in the world, or at least, made our enemies have cause to fear us again. He restored our economy. He strengthened our military. He has taken steps to end the Chinese hegemony that still represents a clear and present danger to the world. He persevered, even when the China Virus was intentionally unleashed upon us by China, and when the panic created by the Democrat Party/Mainstream Media locked down the whole country. And America is coming back. Again.

He has kept every promise. He has secured our border, with 400 miles of new high tech barriers constructed and more to come. He has ended the unConstitutional rule of activist judges on the Supreme Court, by appointing three originalist jurists to the high bench. 

So much remains to be done. Can you really say you aren’t better off now than you were four years ago?

If you claim to be a Christian, you cannot vote for the party of abortion, hatred, division, and sexual deviancy. The Democrats are an un-American gaggle of organized Marxist revolutionaries. They hate America. They hate God. They hate His servants. That means you.

Unless you think you can bargain with the crocodile and hope he eats you last? That’s a fool’s bargain.

It’s time to get off the fence. It’s time to take a side. It’s time to stand up for your country and for your family. It’s time to fight for what matters.

The choice is clear. It must be Trump. Because if we lose this fight, we lose it all. There is no coming back from what the Bolshevik Party will do if we ever let them regain power.

Vote. Vote Trump. And save America.

Best Day Ever

And the best is yet to come!

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